Acid Reflux vs the Active Lifestyle

One of the contributing factors to reflux disease is a sedentary lifestyle. If you suffer from acid reflux, remember that the road to recovery starts with a few steps, and in this case, literally steps. An active lifestyle can be a great defence and attack not only against acid reflux but also against several other diseases. So the question is, what is an active lifestyle?

For an individual who lives a sedentary lifestyle, the idea of ​​transitioning to an active lifestyle can seem like an intimidating prospect. So much so that they often give up before they try thinking it’s beyond their abilities.

They imagine that an active lifestyle consists of going to the gym every day and training for a marathon. But the truth is that positive action can be taken in a few baby steps, baby steps, if you will.

You’d be surprised how a few small lifestyle changes can change a person’s entire perspective on what “active” actually is. There are many different levels to an active lifestyle, and most of them are a gradual process, but it all starts with one step.

What step, you may ask? The list of activities you can engage in is virtually limitless, but just to get you thinking and started on your road to recovery, here are four easy steps you can take to start your journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle that will be a great countermeasure against acid reflux and a whole host of other ailments.

Step number one: Walking or jogging in place. It may sound cliché, but getting off the couch and walking or jogging in place can be a great way to get some exercise and start a beginner exercise program.

If you find it boring and need extra motivation, try turning on the radio or TV and take a walk/run while listening or watching. You’ll be surprised how quickly thirty minutes can go by with your favourite show or music helping you through your workout.

Step number two: Take the stairs. Avoid elevators and escalators and opt for stairs if possible. It may seem like a small lifestyle change, but it has a beneficial, cumulative effect. Think of it as a series of mini Stairmaster exercises.

Step number three: Find a sport you enjoy. Remember, this doesn’t have to be marathon training (although one day, you might be surprised to find that you’re up for the challenge).

Even impressive like ping pong or shuffleboard will get you on your feet and moving. Still, You’ll burn more calories, lose weight, and have fun doing it. These are excessive steps to overturn acid reflux and improve your overall condition.

Step Number Four: Get up every twenty minutes. If you have a desk job or tend to sit around the house a lot, make it a habit to get up every twenty minutes and take a little walk. Even if it’s just to drink from the water cooler, a brisk walk will do your body good and break up a long period of sedentary behaviour.

Of course, sometimes this may not be possible depending on your work situation, but if you can, try not to sit for long periods of time. Remember that every time you are awake and moving, you burn more calories.

When you burn more calories, you lose more weight, which of course, are all beneficial steps to curb acid reflux and improve your overall health.


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