Can Scented Carpet Powder Irritate Your Allergies And Asthma?

One of the main problems that any of you can encounter when trying to keep our homes fresh and clean is the need to use perfumed sprays constantly, and the worst offender is a scented carpet that irritates allergies too much, triggering asthma. You may not be affected by scented carpet powder year-round, but regardless of what season you suffer from allergies the most, allergies are still a serious problem for those who suffer from allergies, especially those that trigger asthma.

What makes scents react to your senses?

Regardless of what scents trigger an allergic reaction, one of the biggest problems is overuse of any of the various scented carpet powders irritating allergies asthma caused by simply being bombarded with so many different scents that your body’s immune system, coupled with normal seasonal allergies, simply breaks down and cannot block allergic reactions.

Avoiding crashes

One of the best ways to avoid overloading your immune system and possibly causing an immune breakdown is to actually look at the items in your home that contain large amounts of the chemicals listed and start using chemical-free products.

It is extremely difficult to avoid many of these scented carpet powders or any chemical-laden products as they tempt us to keep our homes fresh and clean, but at the expense of many people whose scented carpet powder irritates allergies and asthma, they get the most. complaints.

One of the worst offenders of asthma allergy complaints is ammonia, which is very noticeable in products you use at home, such as window cleaners.

Another culprit is a cleaning agent that may not even register with you as an allergen trigger, and that’s what’s found in toilet bowl cleaners, Paradichlor-benzene. Even when using your favourite furniture polishes and high-performance cleaners, petroleum distillate is used as a base ingredient, all of which cause asthmatic reactions.

Go natural!

One reason we use scented carpet powder is rather basic: to eliminate unpleasant odours in our carpets. The best natural product you can use on carpets to get rid of odours right away is to sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for a short time, and then vacuum. It’s also the perfect solution for those who forget where we’ve vacuumed, as the white colour of the baking soda acts as a vacuum guide.

If you are one of the 1% of the population suffering from the effects of scented carpet powder irritating asthma allergies, as a result, you need to look at all the labels in the household cleaning aisle to know exactly why this is a problem and look for a natural solution.

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